130 Years of Kores company history, side by side with our partners is significant in turbulent times such as today. Concentrating on customer-orientation, flexibility, and innovative thinking Kores evolved from a company, where the owner family manually coated carbon paper, to one of the leading manufacturers in Europe and America, offering a broad range of office and school products to customers in over 80 countries.

Despite this development, the core elements of the Kores brand have remained unaltered and withstood the test of time: Quality and Functionality. They are the basis for our customers’ satisfaction and brand loyalty as well as our successful long-term partnerships.

Quality is assured by our know-how in chemical production, close collaboration with our suppliers and clients as well as our striving for continuous improvement. Our efforts have been awarded the EN 71, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications. Functionality results from our consumer-oriented product development and is expressed through the design, efficiency, cleanliness, and usability of our products.

Based on our long history, our consistent values and continuous innovations we are looking forward to a successful year 2017 with our partners.

Clemens Koreska
Kores Group President